In the music world where the standard is to be categorized or labeled as one thing, balance can seem more like a hindrance to one's career rather than an aid. But for multifaceted hip-hop artist P.Gutter's versatility not only shapes him as a musician but also as a person. An accomplished studio engineer, producer, rapper, singer, song writer and drummer in addition to being an entrepreneur make this upstate emcee an enigma in a somewhat predictable industry.

P.Gutter is the CEO of Upstate Music Group as well as the owner and designer for Home Baked Clothing Company. Upstate Music Group was formed in 2003. Since then with familiar names in the music industry like Super Producer/Artist, "Ron Browz", Multi Platinum Producers "Midi Mafia",  Multi-Platinum Producers/ Engineers "The Diaz Brothers", Nina Sky, Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, DJ Mr. Cee, Mr. Vegas, Stack Bundles, Chinx Drugz, Bobby Valentino, Troy Ave, Lil Durk and many others.  

P.Gutter started Home Baked Clothing Company in November 2014 as an online company. By April of 2015 the clothing line was picked up by major retail stores in his region. 

In 2016, P.Gutter released the 1st single from his album "Side Effects of Success". The single "Everyday I'm Ballin" has gained the attention of major radio stations nationwide. The single and the full album is available for purchase right now at www.pgutteronline.com

Born and raised in the capital city of Albany, NY, a young Frank Thompson had a familiar upbringing that many people can relate to. With two loving parents that split right after his birth, he was forced into being raised for the most part by his single mom. With his mom being a choir director and his dad possessing impeccable abilities on the saxophone, it is no surprise that P.Gutter picked up music at an early age. Playing the drums in church at the age of 4 years old, many of his elders labeled him as a prodigy. These prophecies would hold true but not without some obstacles along the way. Although his working mom provided him a good home and raised him partially in the church, Frank still found himself seduced by the politics of his city and the street life that existed outside the sanctified walls of the church and his home. It was these factors that shaped him into the well-balanced individual he is today.